Duo 'Flor de Tilo'

Elske te Lindert (organ and soprano) and Johan van der Linden (saxophone) got to know each other through music and felt a strong connection with each other from the very first moment. Making music together, teaching together, it all went naturally from the very first moment. The couple is very happy in love and feels a strong need to share this sense of harmony with the listener through music as well. As soon as both musicians are together, something is created, in the music, and between people. Together they make the world bloom. There lies the origin of the name: both have a name that comes from the linden tree. And that tree is in full bloom! 

'Flor de Tilo' therefore means linden blossom.

Elske te Lindert (1980, conductor, soprano, organist) studied Organ with Gijs van Schoonhoven and Cor Ardesch, and Classical Singing with Maarten Koningsberger. At Maastricht she studied Choir Conducting with Ludo Claesen.

As an organist she is active as a soloist and accompanist. She made several recordings for the Netherlands Bach Society, for their website allofbach.com. Elske is cantor-organist in the Catharina Church in Doetinchem and in 2018 she was appointed city organist of Doetinchem. In 2021 her first organ-CD appeared, with music by Bach on the Flentrop organ in the Catharina Church in Doetinchem. 

As a singer she has an extensive concert repertoire. She attended masterclasses with -amongst others- Margreet Honig and Paul Triepels, and took lessons with Johannette Zomer. She performed as a soloist with several large orchestras, including the ‘Orkest van het Oosten’ (now Phion), the Saint Petersburg Chamber Orchestra and the South Netherlands Philharmonic. As a soprano she is a member of the ensemble Il Canto di Rame (www.ilcantodirame.eu), with whom she made a CD in 2016. On a regular basis she lends her soprano voice to Consensus Vocalis and to the Dutch National Touring Opera. She also makes theatrical performances.

Elske is conductor of the Deventer Vocaal Ensemble, the Catharina Church Choir and of Chamber Choir Decamerone. Since 2003 she takes final responsibility for the study days Liturgy and Church Music in Hoeven. In 2022 she graduated summa cum laude for her master Choir Conducting with Ludo Claesen at the Conservatorium Maastricht.


Johan van der Linden(1961) graduated in 1983 for Performing Musician Saxophone with Ed Boogaard at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. Attended master classes with Iwan Roth, Daniel Defayet, Frederik Hemke, Francois Daneels, among others. In 1982 he founded the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet together with his colleagues André Arends, Arno Bornkamp and Willem van Merwijk.  This saxophone quartet has become one of the leading chamber music ensembles in the world. The Aurelia has 9 CDs to its name and many foreign tours to Ireland, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, America and Japan, among others. In 2013, Johan left the quartet after 31 fruitful years. From 1982 to 1990, Johan van der Linden was appointed saxophonist of the Royal Military Band in The Hague.

He was professor at 3 academies in the Netherlands, SVan der Linden works as a freelance saxophonist with: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Residentie Orchestra, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra.

Johan is a core member of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble.

In addition to the busy performance and teaching practice and masterclasses all over the world, Van der Linden is also involved in developing new repertoire for the publishers, Molenaar Edition, Donemus, Tierolff Muziekcentrale and G.M.F.

With the pianist Henry Kelder he has placed a duo that focuses on new music specially written for the duo at Matching Arts.

Together with his wife Elske te Lindert, he forms the duo 'Flor de Tilo'.

Johan was co-founder of Splendor Amsterdam. The place where artists and the public inspire each other.

Johan is an endorser of Selmer saxophones, Silverstein, LeFreque and D’addario.